Why a Blog?

Creating, tinkering and designing have always been a common theme with my passions. It began at a young age with board games made of so much paper it drove my mother mad. Then it continued into video games where I learned how to program using a very old version of Game Maker and though I still enjoy doing these things, this passion for design merged with my affection for words and stories. Now, the focus is on roleplaying games.

The first time I was exposed to RPGs was over 10 years ago. A friend of mine was running a homebrew game from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet during lunch time in the school library. I was immediately caught up in the joy of exploration as a player but it did not take long before I was intrigued by the underlying system, though I never saw the system spreadsheet it still felt wondrous and esoteric to think about. Several years after that I stumbled across a system called Dread. It used a Jenga tower and helped to facilitate horror stories, and seeing that in action cemented my delightful descent into RPG system hoarding and design.

My mind was drowning in ideas from worlds to whole systems or individual mechanics. I had no outlet until now. A blog seemed like a good solution for extracting this chaos from my mind.

Favourite RPG Systems
  • Anything with the Year Zero Engine
  • Dread (great for beginner GMs)
  • Blades in the Dark
  • The Black Hack