About the Bardic Inquiry

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Creating, tinkering and designing have always been a common theme with my passions. It began at a young age with board games made of so much paper it drove my mother mad. Then it continued into video games where I learned how to program using a very old version of Game Maker and though I still enjoy doing these things, this passion for design merged with my affection for words and stories. Now, the focus is on roleplaying games.

The first time I was exposed to RPGs was over 10 years ago. A friend of mine was running a homebrew game from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet during lunch time in the school library. I was immediately caught up in the joy of exploration as a player but it did not take long before I was intrigued by the underlying system, though I never saw the system spreadsheet it still felt wondrous and esoteric to think about. Several years after that I stumbled across a system called Dread. It used a Jenga tower and helped to facilitate horror stories, and seeing that in action cemented my delightful descent into RPG system hoarding and design.

Not long after I was drowning in different kinds of storytelling games and I am still eager to read about all of them. I find myself, like many others, with a set of growing thoughts and opinions on how these games work best. This is a place for me to work through these thoughts and catalogue my design journey.

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